Early Childhood Mental Health

Posted by Angie Klinefelter, Licensed Early Childhood Parent Educator on 7/29/2016 1:30:00 PM

St. Cloud Area School District 742 Early Childhood Education staff attended the 2016 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Conference in Duluth this past April. Londa Wagner(Mental Health Triage Therapist), Deb Bryer and Angie Klinefelter (Parent Educators) did the following presentation titled: The Enhancement Project: How One School District has Implemented a Program to Integrate Early Childhood Mental Health and Birth to 2 Special Education Services”.

The project was developed for children birth-three years of age and their caregivers with social emotional concerns as the focus. The early childhood mental health perspective is integrated into the existing early intervention model. The parent educator is added to provide individualized services to strengthen the parent-child relationship and address social emotional needs of young children.

 Early Childhood Child

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