What's allowed on a bus?

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Questions arise from time to time about what students may bring with them on the school bus. The Transportation Department tries to accommodate student's needs whenever possible. The department's rule of thumb is that students may bring items such as musical instruments that they can hold on their laps or between their legs during the bus ride. Objects like toys may be carried on the bus only if they are kept in a student's backpack and are not brought out during the ride to or from school.

Some objects are never allowed on the route buses. These objects include:

Guns (including play guns)
Knives or other sharp objects
Gasoline engines or cans
Animals, insects or fish
Matches, lighters
Glass items, aerosol products
Laser pens
Skis, ski poles, hockey sticks
Skateboards, scooters
Golf clubs, lacrosse sticks, baseball bats
Any items of dangerous or objectionable nature determined by the Transportation Department.

The goal is for students to have a safe and respectful ride to and from school.