Apollo Orchestra Update 2019 - 2020

Posted by Aurora Adamson on 8/23/2019

Hello, Apollo string musicians and families! 

I am excited to work with the orchestras at Apollo High School this year! I'm looking forward to a year of learning songs and skills, learning more about the groups at Apollo, and of course, making music! Before the beginning of school, please do check to make sure that you have an instrument, bow, and case in good working condition; a cleaning cloth and a functional piece of rosin; and any accessories that are expected to accompany your instrument such as a shoulder rest.

- You will NOT need your instruments for the demonstration day for 9th graders and students new to school. 

- Please DO bring instruments (violins and violas) in on your first full day of school, and we will assign instrument lockers as well as school cellos and basses that day!

If you have orchestra questions, please feel free to either email me or stop by during the Apollo open house evening before school starts. Otherwise, I will see you the first week of school to kick off a great year of music-making! 

- Aurora Adamson