Does your lunch meat or yogurt contain pork? What about other menu items?

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Yogurt: A common question we are asked is whether the yogurt contains a gelatin made with pork by-product. Upstate Farms (kosher) yogurt is the brand we serve and contains NO gelatin.
Baked Beans: Vegetarian baked beans do not contain any meat products or meat-by-products.
Smoked Turkey: Sometimes confused with ham because of the color - looks similar. Smoked turkey contains NO pork or pork-by-products.
Sun Chips: We serve Original and French Onion Sun Chips which Frito Lay has documented as pork-free.
Go-Gurt: Documented from General Mills – the gelatin is made with beef and NO pork by-products.
Pizza Toppings: We use chicken or turkey pepperoni and sausage and contains NO pork.
Breakfast Sausage: We serve turkey or chicken breakfast sausage and contains NO pork.