Kristen Bauer and Kristen Mattick: Two of 5 Good Reasons

Posted by Communications Department on 11/16/2016

Kristen Bauer Kristen Bauer, music teacher at Kennedy, and Kristen Mattick, choir teacher at South, are two members of the choral group 5 Good Reasons. Their passion for music extends beyond the music room.

Bauer has known since she was born, that she would be a music teacher. Her sister and mother are also music teachers.

“My mother was a music teacher and she always came home with a smile on her face,” says Bauer. “Even if she had a rough day, the music always made her smile. Our family was ‘that family’ that gathered around the piano. My grandmother would play and we’d all get together around the piano to sing. It was a scene right out of the movies. That’s how I grew up.”

Bauer has a degree in vocal performance and music education from the College of St. Benedict. She completed her Master of Arts in education in 2012 from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.

The instant an opening was available with 5 Good Reasons, Bauer jumped at the chance to join the group.

“I had been bugging Kristen [Mattick] for a very long time to turn 5 Good Reasons into 6 Good Reasons so that I could sing with them,” explains Bauer.

Bauer has never looked back.

“We just love to sing,” smiles Bauer. “You hand us the music and we’ll sing it.”

The group performs a cappella.

Mattick adds that the group performs jazz, musical theater, renaissance, pop, spiritual, gospel and contemporary. They’ve also just recently included some Pentatonix music.

Kristen Mattick From an early age, Mattick too, knew she loved to sing.

“In third grade, my music teacher told me I had a beautiful voice and told me to sing louder,” says Mattick. “I did and have ever since.”

Through Mattick’s middle years and on to high school, she had the same music teacher and that’s when she got into musical theater and performing.

Mattick went on to earn her degree at the University of Minnesota Mankato. While attending, her professors encouraged her to go into music education.

“I’m glad I did,” says Mattick. “I love working with kids that want to learn and love to perform. Especially, when the light bulb goes off, when they get it.”

The duo share another love outside of musical performance.

“I love to Zumba!” exclaims Mattick. “I actually got Kristen [Bauer] into it.”

“I’m a workout queen,” says Bauer. “I love Zumba and just going to the gym in general.”

In case you don’t see them at the gym, catch an upcoming performance. The next is scheduled for Dec. 11 when they will be the guest performance at the Youth Choral of Central Minnesota.

5 Good Reasons

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Duane Andersen, Kristen Bauer, Jody Martinson, Kristen Mattick, Scott Wachtler