Apollo Teacher: Matthew Stockinger

Posted by Communications Department on 11/2/2016

Matt Stockinger

Matt Stockinger is not one to shy away from showing his love and passion for math and science. He is currently teaching coding, chemistry and ninth-grade science.

Some might wonder why coding is associated with a math and science teacher. Stockinger got hooked on computational chemistry while attending St. John’s University. Computational chemistry is a mix of math, chemistry and computers. Scientists in computation chemistry simulate chemistry on a computer by writing (coding) their own simulations.

Stockinger’s adoration of math and science started when he was in high school, which is why he double majored in chemistry and math in college.

"I flipped a coin to decide between chemistry and physics [for a major in college]," laughs Stockinger. "It’s no joke. It landed on chemistry."

Stockinger loves teaching his Apollo High School classes, and although he grooves on coding and science, his favorite part of teaching is the students.

"You’ve got to love students to teach," explains Stockinger.

When advising students considering math or science as a career, Stockinger says, "Take as much math and science as you can in high school. Take classes that challenge you. If you want to be in science, you have to go to college. If you take easy courses in high school, college will be a rude awakening."

Students in his class line up to ask questions. Stockinger is more than happy to answer, assist and direct them. He carries that over into his coaching as well.

Stockinger started the rock climbing club at Apollo last year to share his passion of rock climbing, and is excited to be coaching the club is in its second year. He is hoping to have the team in a competition this year.

Stockinger laughs that his hobby "sort of" counts as science.

Whether in the classroom or on a climb, Stockinger's students reap the benefit of his boundless enthusiasm and skill.

Matt Stockinger