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P.A.K.R.A.T. Makes Super Readers!


The P.A.K.R.A.T. Reading Program  (People and Kids Reading A Lot Together) at Talahi enables all students Pre-K-5 to choose between 3 - 5  P.A.K.R.A.T. books every week to bring home and share with their family.  The goal is to have all of our students spend 20 minutes reading at home every night.  Students will check out their P.A.K.R.A.T. books from the library and will bring home a special bag to keep them in. At home they can share their P.A.K.R.A.T. books with an adult or sibling.  They can also choose to read from a chapter book and spend 20 minutes on that book.  Students must remember to bring the P.A.K.R.A.T. books and bag back to school every week on their library day so the books can be exchanged.

When your student finishes reading for the week, an adult must sign the Reading Record to indicate that the student did spend time reading at home. The Reading Record is in your child’s weekly folder/planner.

Thanks for your support in helping your student become a better reader!  One of the most important things families can do to help children succeed in school is to spend time reading together at home every day.