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Apollo Receives Gene Haas Foundation Grant

September 8, 2017

Apollo High School was honored with a $4,000 check from the Gene Haas Foundation. Mark Weimer, the tech ed teacher for Apollo applied for the grant last spring. The grant money will be used for scholarships for students pursuing careers in CNC as well as robotics equipment. Haas Automation, Inc is a major CNC machinery producer and is the brand of machinery students at Apollo use.

Mike Musenbrock of Productivity, Inc, a major distributor of CNC machinery, presented the check to the career and technology team. He says, "If you want a job in this industry and have a little motivation. Boy, where would you like to work?"

Also in attendance was Lyle Pedersen of Park Industries. Park Industries is collaborating with Apollo on the program level to install upgrades and modernize the existing equipment used by students.

The hope is to have multiple CNC machines in the classroom for students to use as well as the local robotics teams and community education classes.

Pictured below L to R: Steve Sandeen, Mike Musenbrock, Lyle Pedersen and Mark Weimer.

Steve Sandeen, Mike Musenbrock, Lyle Pedersen and Mark Weimer