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Alumni Success Story - Alison Feigh

Alison Feigh August 21, 2017

Since her graduation from Apollo High School in 1996, Alison Feigh has made it her mission to educate the public on child safety. As an author, she’s written two books on child safety and as a program manager for the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center (JWRC), she travels speaking on the importance of child safety as well as writing curriculum and policy for child safety.

As a classmate of Jacob Wetterling, the impact of his abduction profoundly affected her at an early age. Despite the tragedy that happened, she has fond memories of North Junior High School, too.

Ruth LaDuke is one of her middle school teachers she remembers the most.

“She (LaDuke) was great,” reflects Feigh. “Middle school is never easy for anyone. She took me aside and gave me the pep talk I needed. She always had the social aspect of kids at heart. She cared about the whole person.” Read the full story.