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Alumni Success Story - Justin Ploof

Justin Ploof As Technical High School revs up to celebrate 100 years of tradition and excellence, 2002 graduate and professional musician, Justin Ploof, will be bringing in the band.

Justin Ploof and The Throwbacks is a familiar name in central Minnesota. The band is one of the newest sensations on the music scene, especially since their original “Rockumentary” videos, containing vintage footage and narration to accompany their performances, were recently released.

“I’ve always loved music and loved documentaries as well as performing,” says Ploof. “We create a documentary to accompany the music-whatever we are covering that night. It’s like if you went to a movie theater to watch a movie, only with a live band.”

Ploof’s band covers many styles of music ranging from The Monkees, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Beach Boys to others like Eric Clapton and local favorite Bobby Vee.

Remember Joan Jett or Soul Asylum? Well, Ploof and his band have shared the stage with them as well.

Ploof’s love of music started at an early age. He’s always loved music, but he “really got into it” while in elementary school when he received his first guitar. His first band consisted of some Talahi elementary friends who owned guitars and a drum set. Read more.