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District 742: Students of Excellence

May 24, 2017 

Ashley Benesh, Mitchell Grelson, Noah Kramer and Alyshia Schwientek from Apollo High School and Eric Inderieden, Audrey Nguyen, Taylor Tarrolly and Luke Truitt from Technical High School were honored recently at Resource Training & Solutions 30th Annual Students of Excellence Banquet and Recognition Ceremony.

The evening was dedicated to honoring the top 142 high school seniors from 36 high schools in the Resource Training & Solutions region. Criteria for selection to the Recognition Event is at the discretion of each school but based upon recommended guidelines. The honorees were nominated by their school or district and received a plaque recognizing their accomplishment and a certificate from Governor Dayton. Over the past 30 years, there have been 4,690 high school seniors recognized at Students of Excellence.

The evening's presentations began with Mark Schmitz, executive director of Resource Training & Solutions, welcoming everyone to the 30th annual event. Schmitz congratulated seniors and told of two important pieces of advice he learned a long time ago from a school in Texas. "This school had two guiding principles, simply work hard and be nice. This school's demographics would indicate the students should not do well in school or even graduate. However, the students did do well and graduation rates far exceeded their expected results." "These two ideas will carry you far in life," he added. Read the press release.

Apollo High School Students of Excellence  
Technical High School Students of Excellence