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Discovery Students Participate in Minnesota Governor's Fishing Opener

May 15, 2017 
Discovery students in Sarah Mathiason's fourth-grade class have been learning about Minnesota wildlife, water conservation and its impact on the environment for the last few weeks.
On May 12, the kickoff to the Minnesota Governor's Fishing Opener, they received hands-on learning at Lake George and were able to apply the knowledge they've obtained.
The Department of Natural Resources and its volunteers taught students about how clean water makes for good fishing, but that there is a difference between clean water and clear water and how that affects different species living in lakes and rivers in Minnesota.
The students also learned about aquatic invertebrates, families of fish and identifying them, water safety and how to prepare for fishing.
Finally, students fished along the shore of Lake George while showing off their newly learned casting skills. Students were ecstatic to catch fish and keep the rod and reel at the end of the day.