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Partner in Education (PIE) Awards

April 13, 2017
On Tuesday, April 4, the Board of Education was proud to recognize the contributions of individuals and organizations that illuminate the District 742 mission and support our schools and students. The Partners In Education Awards recognize individuals and organizations for their significant contributions to public education and student success in our community.
 Partner Volunteers
  • Barey Aden, Kennedy  
  • Leon Birr, Granite City Gearheads  
  • Rose Burgraff, Talahi  
  • Brad Dale, Talahi  
  • Diana Fenton, Kennedy  
  • Kathy Frank, Discovery  
  • Lori Johnson, Clearview  
  • Chris Klein, Clearview  
  • Dennis Klein, Clearview
  • Shaya Kraut, Adult Basic Education
  • Sue Kulzer, Madison  
  • Cheryl Pennington, Adult Basic Education
  • Doug “Doug the Science Dude” Petersen, Oak Hill  
  • Ruth Schultz, Clearview  
  • JoAnn Thorson, Talahi  
  • Rosemary Younk, Westwood  
Partner Benefactors
  • Jubilee Worship Center
  • Lions International
  • Mogadishu Meat and Grocery Store
Partner Organizations
  • Center for Victims of Torture
  • Chartwells Food Service
  • Clearview Forest Committee
  • Dr. Potter Bigs on Campus Mentoring Initiative
  • Jugaad Leadership Program
  • Paramount Center for the Arts
  • Peter’s Auto Body
  • Sanneh Foundation Dreamline Program
  • St. Cloud VA Health Care System Voluntary Services
  • St. Cloud Youth Commission (SCYC)
  • United Athletic Club
  • Waite Park Police Department