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Composer Visits Tech High School

April 12, 2017
Starting with a little Abba music, the Tech band warmed up for composer Darryl Johnson II. The band has been practicing his piece, "A Game of Chance."
"The most important thing you learn in music class is how you interpret and express the music," says Johnson.
The entire class period was dedicated to students learning a different interpretation of his piece by challenging their knowledge and feelings as artists of music.
"I'm looking for raucous and sloppy...with a little jazz," he directs to the trumpets.
The remaining class time was a question and answer sessions and a video greeting to a high school in Connecticut he will be visiting.
Johnson currently travels the states speaking and directing high school bands. He currently has 12 published pieces and 12 in various stages of publications.
Composer Visits Tech High School  
Composer Visits Tech High School