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Kennedy Students Perform at St. Joseph Community Showcase

April 3, 2017
Kennedy students in grades 5-8 performed music on the main stage for St. Joseph Community Showcase on Saturday, April 1.
  • "Calypso Morning" performed by seventh-grade band member: Tayden, Willow, Hadi, Louie, Kyle, Justin, Evan
  • "Solo #11" performed by seventh-grade band student Shelby Sieben.
  • Grace Kuebelbeck performed four songs.
  • "Kookaburra" performed by eighth-grade band members, Holly Jones and Emily Anderson. 
  • A cello duet performed by seventh-grade orchestra members, Allison Moon and Lindsey Zimmer
  • "Eleanor Rigby" performed by seventh-grade orchestra members: Tiegen Drontle, Connor Motschke, Ethan Wolff and Brandon Zimmer.
Community Showcase
Community Showcase  
Community Showcase