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Tech High School Centennial Celebration: July 28 & 29

March 9, 2017 
The history of St. Cloud Tech is an important and relevant part of the history of St. Cloud. St. Cloud Technical High School's impact and influence over the past century has not only been on its alumni and educators, but also upon the greater St. Cloud community. During the 2017 calendar year, Technical High School's Centennial Celebration will spotlight and illuminate 100 years of history, tradition and legacy. The past, present and future will all come together in a celebratory fashion on the shores of Lake George, the banks of the Mississippi River, the public parks and schools of our core neighborhoods, and the commercial enterprises of the city. Alumni, students, friends and citizens will join together during the Tech Centennial Celebration to reminisce about the past, share in the present and plan for the future. View the Tentative Activities and Schedule of Events.