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McKinley Students Lobby at the State Capitol

February 27, 2017

McKinley Students Lobby at the State Capitol  

On Wednesday, Feb. 22 a group of six students and two staff members from the McKinley Area Learning Center participated in MAAP STARS Legislative Day at the State Capitol. Alternative schools from around the state identified a group of student leaders, whose task it was to discuss the importance of alternative schools and programs with their state senators and representatives.  The group from McKinley met with Representatives Tim O’Driscoll, Tama Theis, Jeff Howe and Jim Knoblach, as well as Senators Jerry Relph and Michelle Fischbach.

The students from the Area Learning Center who participated were Aleksei Loredo, Dylan Hanratty, Liz Meyer, Noel Young, Brandon Lee, and Carley Cunningham.  The students were accompanied by MAAP STARS advisors Mike Myers-Schleif and Konie Brudwick.

MAAP STARS is an organization for secondary students in alternative programs across the state of Minnesota.  The organization sponsors three annual events.  In addition to Legislative Day, there is a Fall Leadership Conference and a Spring Events Conference.