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District 742 Spelling Bee Winners

The District 742 Spelling Bee was held on Jan. 24 at South Junior High. Winning spellers from each elementary and middle school spelled word after word to eventually narrow the field to six spellers who will go on to represent 742 at the regional meet at Resource Training and Solutions on Feb. 8.  

The winning spellers were:

5th/6th Grade Meet
  • First- India Ratha- Grade 6, South Junior High
  • Second- Alexander Walk- Grade 5, Oak Hill
  • Third- Collin Cai- Grade 6, South Junior High
Spelling Bee Winners

7th/8th Grade Meet
  • First- Tomiwa Ajayi- Grade 8,  South Junior High
  • Second- Taylor Maiers- Grade 8, South Junior High
  • Third- Paige Cox, Grade 8, Kennedy Community School
Spelling Bee Winners