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Alumni Success Story: Jill McGuire

Jill McGuire If you’re looking to engineer something and send it into space, Jill McGuire is your person! McGuire, a 1987 graduate of Apollo High School, is a space robotics application office lead at NASA. She and her team, after completing their mission to design and send over 200 tools into space for the Hubble Space Telescope servicing machine, are designing and engineering parts for robots to refuel satellites.

“I knew from an early age I wanted to be in design,” says McGuire. “I took a drafting class in high school and just fell in love with it.”

She feels that all the teachers at Apollo were supportive of her and her aspirations, especially since she was busy with athletics.

Her high school softball coach, John Ludwig, was her inspiration in school. He was instrumental in creating that team atmosphere and thought process, “if one succeeds, everyone succeeds.” Read more.