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Spark: Igniting Your Future

Spark: Igniting Your Future  
Spark: Igniting Your Future is an initiative by Times Media to provide students and parents with additional information about career options in and around Central Minnesota.
Through research conducted by Times Media staff in conjunction with the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, key industries have been identified as being most in need of workers. Those industries, among many, are manufacturing, trades, transportation, health care and professional services. In those industries the majority of careers needing workers require, at most, a two-year postsecondary education track. Careers in those industries are not only in demand but are relatively well-paying.
As part of the Spark: Igniting Your Future initiative, Times Media is committed to ensuring each student can find a career that sparks their interest. The series also will provide students with ideas on how to successfully plan for their future
In addition, the program is designed to provide educators and employers resources on developing, attracting and retaining the next generation of workers in the areas of Stearns, Benton, Sherburne and Wright counties.
Each month of the academic year, starting in September, Times Media will highlight a specific career in both its print edition and online version. Articles on the topic will run on the first Sunday and the following Monday focusing on a business, an employee in the profession and a high school program that helps prepare students for work in those industries. Stories will also help students and job seekers navigate the world of business, careers and postsecondary education.
All digital content specific to Spark will be free through
It is our hope that Spark: Igniting Your Future will be a resource parents and children can use in helping to research and explore career opportunities now and in the future.