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District 742 Hosts MN Thought Leaders Summit

State legislators, local and national educators, school board members, business and industry executives, community partners and foundation leaders will gather at Tech High School on June 17 to build a coalition of thought leaders to explore Generative AI's potential to improve student outcomes and to discuss necessary changes to education policy.
Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison will kick off the morning events including a keynote from renowned thought leader Charles Fadel, author of "Education for the Age of AI," and a moderated panel of experts from across leadership sectors, including Executive Director Keith Kruger of the Consortium for School Networking (COSN) and Minnesota Department of Education Commissioner Willie Jett. Afternoon sessions will focus on ideation, design and review of proposed actions.
Partnering sponsors include MDE, COSN, the Center for Curriculum Redesign, the Association of Metropolitan School Districts and the University of Minnesota College of Education and Human Development.
For more information, including a full list of panelists, see the MN Thought Leaders Summit website.