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Peculiar Platipy Win Energy Award at VEX Worlds

Apollo VEX robotic team 91917A (a.k.a “Peculiar Platipy”) punched their ticket to the VEX Worlds Tournament in Houston, TX this year. The team is made up of seniors and juniors: Brayden Weekley, Aiden Rohde, Jeff Somvorachith, Trent Doble-Medeck and Michael Abraham.

During the competition, judges took notice of the team and awarded them with the Energy Award which recognizes outstanding enthusiasm and excitement at the event. To qualify, the team must maintain a high level of enthusiasm and excitement throughout the event, exhibit passion for robotics competition that enriches the experience for all and demonstrate in a team interview that they have effective communication skills, teamwork, professionalism and a student-centered ethos.

Peculiar Platipy