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North Junior High Road Construction Traffic Detours

Hello, North Families.

We just learned that city road construction in our neighborhood begins on Monday, April 15th which will impact North with a detour of traffic. The city has provided the following description of the travel flow:

Westbound traffic on 12th Street North will be allowed to continue west at 25th Avenue North to gain access 29th Avenue North, where the west leg of that intersection will be barricaded or closed to traffic, but the North leg will remain open providing access to the school.

Similarly, the easterly leg of 12th Street North at 33rd Avenue North will be barricaded shut, but

Eastbound traffic will be able to proceed northerly on 33rd Avenue at 12th Street North to 14th Street North and then travel easterly to gain access to the school.

This road construction will inevitably cause congestion and slow down our drop-off and pick-up lines at North. Please plan with your family accordingly and adjust for time.

We will all need to follow traffic signage and practice patience and kindness with each other.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation,

Principal Brian Nutter

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North Traffic Flow.