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Tech's Math Team State Tournament Results

UPDATE 03/12/2024
The Tech Math Team competed at the State Tournament and had a great day. Led by our junior captain, Jake Knier, the Tech Team finished the day in 5th place.  Last year, Tech finished 10th at State, so it was an improvement.  Everyone is excited to get after it again next year.
Congratulations to Tech's math team! They are headed to the State Math League competition on March 11.
  • Alex Walk
  • Jake Knier
  • Ashlee Weston
  • Grace McDonald
  • Eric Aviles
  • Marcus Wade
  • Donald Conrad
  • Steven Zheng
  • Vaeh Brink
"Currently, the Minnesota State High School Mathematics League administers the original annual state-wide math competition (known as the Math League) open to all qualified students attending schools in Minnesota and schools on the border of Minnesota. Also, as part of the All State Math Team, the League invites high-performing students to participate in the American Regions Mathematics League (ARML), the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament (HMMT), and the Carnegie-Mellon Math Tournament."
Tech's Math Team Headed to State