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Students To Be Recognized at MLK Celebration

We’d like to give our congratulations to the following students for being the MLK (Martin Luther King) and Dexter R. Stanton Contest winners. 

  • Travera L. – Lincoln 
  • Da’Laycia Wind – Discovery 
  • Atarah – Madison 
  • Amyrah Johnson – Lincoln 
  • Shafay Williams – South 
  • Zaria G. – Tech 
  • Usha Ratha – Tech 
  • Nevaeh R. – Talahi 
  • Ariana Martinez – Talahi 
  • Abdirizack Hashi – Talahi 
  • Athena Shank – Talahi 
  • Ivy Stueland – Talahi 
  • Amos – Talahi 
  • Jay’Janae McCabe – Talahi 
  • Mary Hoeschen – Talahi 
  • Sawda Guled – Talahi 
  • Mia – Talahi 
  • Nasrina Ali – Talahi 
  • Princess Miller – Talahi 
  • Loyalty Colbert – Talahi 
  • Yakub Mohamud – Talahi 
  • Abdulrahman Anwar Hussein – Talahi 
  • Lilly Anderson – Talahi 
  • Lilliana Andrews – Talahi 
  • Jay’Dah McCabe – Talahi 
  • Gizel Rozales – Talahi 
  • Journey Pruitt – Talahi 
  • Nahla J. – Talahi 
  • Natalya Tholl – Talahi 
  • Malik Shavers – Talahi 
  • Isabell Ayler – Talahi 
  • Michid Azadmanish – Talahi 
  • Sofia Kanieski – Talahi 

Students were able to “Celebrate Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by submitting visual art, an essay, or a spoken word piece inspired by his work … Students were invited to creatively express their thoughts and reflections on his legacy. Work will exhibit and awards will be announced at the 12th Annual MLK Everyday Community Celebration.” 

In addition, Natalie Ratha, transportation supervisor for St. Cloud Area School District, is being awarded one of the 2024 Humanitarian Awards by the MLK Community Celebration committee. The award is given to an individual or group who is largely unrecognized for their innovative service or community outreach. “The award celebrates those who live the idea of MLK every day as well as who inspire us and incorporate service in their lives in ways that are unexpected or filled with care.”  

St. Cloud State University is hosting a Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration at River’s Edge Convention Center on Jan. 15 from 8:15 – 10:30 a.m. where the award recipients will be recognized for their achievements.