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District Staff Recognized With LEEA Award

It was a big night for St. Cloud Area School District 742 at Resource Training & Solutions' annual Leadership in Educational Excellence Banquet and Award Ceremony (LEEA). This ceremony recognizes outstanding educational leaders from member school districts. Over 150 educators and administrators are honored each year. Each district is responsible for establishing its own selection procedures. St. Cloud Area School District Superintendent Laurie Putnam presented the awards.

"In every field there are those individuals who rise to the top; those who go above and beyond to master their craft," says Mark Schmitz, executive director of Resource Training & Solutions. "Resource's Leadership in Educational Excellence ceremony is to honor teachers who go the extra mile to become the best in their field."
This year's recipients are:
Polly Alessio - Katherine Johnson Education Center
Nicole Almberg - South
Charlie Arnzen - South
Sara Bauer-Sand - North
Jennifer Dilts - Tech
Lauren Ergen - Apollo
Deana Hausmann - Madison
Daniel Heinen - Tech
Sara Hoffman - Oak Hill
Kevin Kieke - Tech
Julie Krebs - Clearview
Jill Matuska - Westwood
Leah Nikodym - Lincoln
Jeana Olson - North
Molly Penk - Westwood
Betsy Reese - South
Jennifer Russell - Oak Hill
Katie Simacek - Districtwide
Linda Snowberg - South
Laura Steabner - District Administration Office
Kris Stuckey - Apollo
Konie Theisen-Brudwick - McKinley-ALC
Aaron Voronyak - Apollo
Sydney Vossler - Kennedy
Eric Wilcox - Kennedy
Tingting Zheng - Madison
Elicia Dockendorf - Discovery
Sarah Mathiason - Discovery