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Minnesota Free School Meals Program

We are excited to announce that all K-12 students in St. Cloud Area Schools—regardless of income--will receive one free breakfast and lunch each day this school year (23-24) due to the new Minnesota Free School Meals Program.  

Although students will automatically be eligible to receive free meals, it is important to note that families will be asked to complete a benefits application in the fall. Completing the form ensures individual eligibility for certain state and federal programs as well as additional school funding, so it is extremely important for all families to return it.  

Remember, there are many advantages when you qualify for educational benefits. 

  • Your school receives educational funding that depends, in part, on your educational benefits eligibility.  
  • Your household may be able to receive free or reduced-cost internet.  
  • You will also receive free district device insurance and reduced activities fees if you qualify.  
  • You may even receive a discount for after-school childcare.  
  • Furthermore, your student may receive discounted fees for college applications and testing.  

Even if you are unsure if you qualify for educational benefits, you should apply. 

Please go to to fill out your Alternate Application for Educational Benefits

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