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UPDATE: Theisen Brothers Competed at BMX World Championship

Theisen Brothers UpdateUPDATE:
Cruiser day - Sunday, August 6
Lucas did well in the three qualifying rounds, with two wins and a 2nd place.  Unfortunately, in quarterfinals, he was bumped going into the first corner and his foot came unclipped. He was in a transfer spot but fell to last and his day was over.Jacob appeared to struggle in qualifying but managed to be in the top three each round.  He won his quarter final and took 2nd in his semifinal. A bad gate in the main cost him, but he fought back. He's coming home with the World 5 plate. This is two years in a row being Top 8 in the World.
Class Race day - Tuesday, August 8
Jacob fell while practicing on Monday causing a possible buckle fracture of his right wrist. 
Lucas did well in qualifying and made it through to the 1/8 finals. He won his 1/8 final and moved to the quarterfinals.  In that race, he drew the current World 1, World 2 and a previous year World 1 rider. It was a tough draw and he, unfortunately, missed making the top 4. 
After racing, both boys traded a couple of their jerseys with kids from Belgium, Brazil, Columbia and Great Britain. It is a great tradition that they enjoyed. 
South Junior High students Lucas and Jacob Theisen have done it again! They will compete at the BMX World Championship in Glasgow, Scotland. The brothers will race their bikes on Sunday, Aug 6. Lucas will compete against 54 racers in the age 13-14 cruiser and Jacob has 68 in 12 & under cruiser. Then on Aug. 8, the pair will race their class bikes with each having over 100 competitors.  Lucas races 13 Challenge (106 kids) and Jacob races age 12 Challenge (109 kids).  
This year, the two will race the number plates they earned last year in Nantes, France at the BMX World Championship - World 5 for Lucas on cruiser, World 8 for Jacob on cruiser and World 7 for Jacob on class.
Theisen Brothers