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Apollo CmPS Team Brings Home National Title

Apollo senior Fatuma Hassan and freshman Shyla Gordon have been awarded first place in the senior division of Community Problem Solvers at the National Competition at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. In addition, they were also awarded the Beyonder Award which is the highest honor a Community Problem Solving project can be awarded. It is an award that is not given every year. The Beyonder is given to projects that "outdistance the others so far that they are not even on the same scale." It is the first time anyone from Minnesota has won the award.

Hassan and Gordon have worked on the project together for the last few years.

Cheryl Whitesitt, executive director of Minnesota Future Problem Solvers states, "Community Problem Solvers (CmPS) take on the problem solving skills via a six-step process and apply them to a real life challenge. These young ladies are truly making a difference in your community and beyond. As the State Director, I've had the opportunity to meet these ladies and to support Karlyn and Tom (from time to time) in their coaching. I've watched them grow as coaches and watched the many students they work with grow into amazing leaders. Our future is in good hands. Karlyn and Tom are among the BEST Coaches in the WORLD! Not just my opinion. Karlyn and Tom have coached multiple CmPS teams and individuals to top World projects."


Fatuma and Shyla