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2022 Graduation Rates

On April 24th, the state of Minnesota released official 2022 graduation rates for schools and districts across the state. Upon receipt of the data file, we realized the calculations did not reflect our experiences or expectations. After careful review, we discovered incomplete data had been inadvertently reported to MDE. Our summer graduates were not included in the data sent to the state. In addition, we did not fully account for students who left the MN public school system (e.g., students who move out of state, transfer to a non-public school, or decide to homeschool).

Executive Director of Research and Assessment Donna Roper and district staff worked diligently to analyze and collect a complete data set. We collaborated with state officials to ensure a consistent formula was applied to district calculations, and MDE officials have validated the revised data. The table below includes the correct 2022 graduation rates in comparison to prior years. View the 2022 Graduation Rates webpage for more information.

2022 Graduation Rates

We are pleased that Apollo and Tech High School’s four-year graduation rates improved, yet know we have work yet to do. McKinley Alternative Learning Center serves students, from District 742 and surrounding school districts, who are behind in credits and often face significant education and life barriers. As a result, when assessing McKinley’s data, we focus on the seven-year graduation rate, though McKinley’s data is factored into the district’s four-year graduation rate.

We are committed to improving academic outcomes for students. We have made several substantive changes for the coming school year, including:

- Targeted lower-class sizes.

- Implementation of evidence-based literacy professional development for all K-5 teachers.

- Implementation of new K-5 math curriculum.

- Expansion of dual immersion programming.

- During the day academic supports and relationship building opportunities for 6-12 students.

- Tiered supports for students and classroom teachers at every grade level.

Thank you for your patience during these past few weeks as we partnered with MDE to provide accurate data. We are committed to clear communication and transparency and welcome any questions or concerns.