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District Masters in Math Competition

District 742 elementary student mathematicians competed Thursday, April 7 at the District Administration Office! All morning long, Masters in Math was competitive. Team placements went to:
  • 1st place: Westwood Elementary School 
  • 2nd place: Clearview Elementary School 
  • 3rd place: Madison Elementary School
Congratulations to all the teams and individuals who competed today!
  • Fact Drill
    • 9th place: Maxwell Barth
  • Individual Winners
    • 2nd place: Maxwell Barth 
    • 4th place: Samuel Herring  
  • Fact Drill
    • 3rd place: Emmaline Bushman 
    • 9th place: Christian Johnson 
  • Individual Winners
    • 2nd place: Ruby Doke
    • 6th place: Jude Schnabel
    • 7th place: Emmaline Bushman 
  • Fact Drill
    • 6th place: Brynn Hiltner
    • 8th place: Ethan Lelou

  • Individual Winners
    • 7th place: Natalie Schwartz
    • 9th place: Ethan Lelou 
Oak Hill:
  • Fact Drill
    • 2nd Place: Tyler Love
    • 6th place: Fethi Ahmed

  • Individual Winners
    • 4th place: Seth Kroska Oak Hill
  • Fact Drill
    • 1st place: Morio Savatdy
    • 4th place tie: Holden Nuy Westwood and Leyla Jacobson

  • Individual Winners
    • 1st place: Morio Savatdy
    • 9th place: Leyla Jacobson