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New Quarantine Protocols for Students

At the end of last week, we received guidance from the Minnesota Department of Education allowing school districts to transition to a shortened quarantine period for COVID positive and symptomatic students. Our district leadership team reviewed the new information and consulted with health professionals to establish new protocols. See Student Quarantine Guidelines.


COVID Positive or Ill Students, With Improving Symptoms

Students who were quarantined on or before Friday, January 14th could return to school tomorrow unless due to household exposure.  


All other students who tested positive for COVID-19 or had illness symptoms may return to school five days after the initial onset of symptoms or the positive test result if their symptoms are resolving. 


If your child does not feel well enough to return on day 6, please keep them home and call the school nurse. If students begin their quarantine with a COVID positive test, are asymptomatic but then develop symptoms, their 5-day quarantine must start over. This resets the quarantine to day 0 which is the date of their symptom onset.


COVID Positive or Ill Students, Without Improving Symptoms

Students who have a fever and/or whose symptoms are not improving on or after day 6, should continue to quarantine AND stay home until symptoms improve. Please call the school nurse to notify them.


Mask Exemptions

Students who have qualified for a mask exemption are not eligible for a shortened quarantine period per MDE guidance, will follow the 10 day quarantine period, and may return on day 11.


Medically High Risk Students

Families of students who are considered medically high risk for COVID-19 complications, please contact the school counselor at your child’s school or their special education case manager to discuss any concerns you may have.


Household Exposures to Positive COVID Cases

Due to the increased risk of exposure within a household, our district protocol remains the same. If there is a positive case within the home and isolation is possible, students have the opportunity to test 5 days after last exposure to the positive case for a return on Day 7. If isolation is not possible, students must stay home for 14 days. Please see the Student COVID-19 Decision Tree for further details: STUDENT COVID-19 DECISION TREE.


Activities Participation

All participants must continue to follow the 10-day quarantine as required by the Minnesota State High School League. They can observe practice/events when they return to school on day 6 if they are fever free, their symptoms are resolving, and they are fully masked the entire time. However, students cannot participate in practices/events until day 11. We are encouraging, but no longer requiring, all participants to follow the MSHSL Return to Play protocol following a positive COVID-19 test. Families whose students experienced mild or moderate symptoms may sign a waiver of the Return to Play protocols.This waiver is available online or from the Activities Director. Athletes who experience severe Covid-19, are required to have a medical evaluation and a medical provider approve their return to athletics.


Our goal is to ensure the health and wellness of our community while keeping students learning in person, every day. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate the shifting landscape of public health.