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Staff Members Receive ESS Awards

The Nov. 17, 2021 Resource Training and Solutions' Educational Support Staff Awards (ESS) were awarded. Schools and districts across Resource's Central Minnesota region nominate award recipients based on suggested criteria that includes knowledge of work responsibilities, demonstration of safety, cultivation of respect, acting as a positive role model, displaying genuine concern for others, and making a difference in the lives of students, staff, and the community. Congratulations to the following staff:

Sherry Schmidt, Clearview
Susan Bertram, South
Meranda Heinecke, South
Nick Rasmussen, Apollo
Hassan Yusuf, Apollo
Joshua Conway, Lincoln
Melissa Kitzmiller, North
Karlene Wright, North
Carrie Ahrens, Tech
Brenten Magee, Tech
Paulette Stumpf-Elliott, Tech
Tammy Utecht, Tech