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St. Cloud Area School District Proposes Apollo and Tech Co-op Activities

St. Cloud Area School District is proposing to the Minnesota State High School League five combined Apollo and Tech co-op teams for the upcoming school year. The teams are being organized to maintain healthy, thriving activities at both high schools and in order to be competitive in conference level activities while still offering three levels of teams so that students are safe and successful when competing. The activities are Girls Tennis, Girls Softball, Girls Basketball, Boys Baseball and Boys Tennis.   

“We are putting into place now strategies to revitalize and rebuild the programs so that hopefully in a couple of years we won’t need co-ops,” says Dr. Laurie Putnam, Assistant Principal of Secondary Education for St. Cloud Area Schools. “We are arranging transportation for after school high school activities and have hired middle level activities coordinators to help connect with elementary students and build the pipeline from a young age.” 

The district currently has a number of co-ops in place including gymnastics, wrestling, Boys and Girls Hockey and Boys and Girls Lacrosse. The proposal for new co-op teams is subject to MSHSL approval.