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Westwood Elementary School - Kindness Collection 2021

The P.B.I.S. program at Westwood is called The Westwood Way.  Our four positively stated expectations are: Be Safe, Be Kind, Be a Positive Learner, and Be Your Best.  We emphasize to our students that these expectations reach outside the walls of our school and should carry over to all areas of our lives.    

Each February for the past few years our P.B.I.S. team has organized a Kindness Collection to help teach our students the importance of being kind to people in our community.  Some of the organizations we have partnered with in the past include the local food shelf, Anna Marie’s Alliance, and The Salvation Army. 

As we were planning for this year – we had to consider COVID-19 restrictions and limitations for organizations as well as safety for our students bringing items to school.  After some discussion, we reached out to Transitional Education Services right in District 742 to see if we could be of some help to them.  We were excited to partner with them to provide personal care items for students experiencing homelessness.  Our students and staff collected deodorant, soap, washcloths, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, brushes, and hair ties. Our goal was to collect 500 items by the end of the week – which we surpassed by Tuesday!  

 Many times when students access services through Transitional Education Services it is a sudden disruption in their lives – it is our hope that being able to have a bag of personal care items for them to keep will give them back some dignity and show that we care for them.