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South Playhouse Build a Success

South Shed Mike Stadther and Maureen Proell came up with a new plan for teaching their CTE class this year. They normally build a shed. However, COVID-19 challenged the teachers on how to construct while teaching online. 
Stadther and Proell decided to do the actual construction of a playhouse while students learned from home. They tied the curriculum to what they were doing as they built it. 
Before they began the playhouse, they posted daily discussion questions to gauge some background knowledge. Questions like - Had they ever worked with tools?  Which ones?  What did they build?  Who did they build it with?  With the information from the discussions, they were able to break it down to into teaching categories: measurement, vocabulary of construction and fundamentals of construction such as systems of a house, types of walls, roof styles, areas of the home, green architecture, blueprints and so forth. Students then did a compare/contrast of the blueprints of the playhouse vs. the actual built version. Stadther and Proell adjusted the build and students had to identify what they did and why. Then students made and labeled a replica of a wall blueprint using items they found around their house. The final assignment was a comprehensive final test.  
During the process, the students along with Stadther and Proell were live on GoogleMeet everyday from 1 - 3 p.m. so the students could check in, ask questions see the progress. 
The project was a success, especially in part to Simonson Lumber, as they donated the materials for this playhouse.