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About School Lunch

St Cloud Area School District 742 has expanded the number of meal choices at all schools within the past year.  All elementary schools offer at least two options daily; middle schools serve at least three options daily, and high schools receive at least four options daily (except at McKinley Alternative Learning Center which has a single catered lunch). 

All breakfast and lunch meals served in the district exceed the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act regulations and meet the standards set by The Alliance for a Healthier Generation.  In addition to multiple entree options, the district provides six - eight varieties of fruits and vegetables daily. Three varieties of milk are also offered daily including 1%, skim and chocolate- skim as well as Lactaid or soymilk for students with allergies.

Tech High School began working with a student food advisory committee during the fall 2018-2019 school year to receive student input and upgrade the quality of several of our food items including chicken and beef products. This year, Apollo High School will also have a student food advisory committee.