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Talahi Student Wins Kelly Doty Award

Katra Abdi Katra Abdi, Talahi third-grader, won a Kelly Doty Award as part of a braille reading contest this winter. The Kelly Doty Award is given to a student who has had to overcome challenges in order to become a proficient braille reader. Katra moved to the United States from Africa two and a half years ago in the hope of saving her vision. She has had numerous eye surgeries since that time, but unfortunately, doctors were only able to preserve a tiny bit of vision in one eye. Katra began school in Minnesota with limited English skill in the fall of her first-grade year. She began developing her tactual skills in preparation for learning braille. As a current third grader, her braille skills have taken off, and Katra can't wait to get the next braille story in her hands! She truly LOVES school and LOVES to learn!