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Apollo Receives Granite Inspection Table

Apollo received a very special Granite Inspection Table thanks to Park Industries and Zeiss!

The granite plate was donated by Zeiss, delivered to Park Industries where they fabricated a sturdy base, and then delivered by Park to the Apollo shop. Park Industries also provided some measurement tools, which will add to the selection of calipers, etc. Another interesting note; the granite is originally from Africa (Impala granite), and the pieces were precision ground at right here in Waite Park!  The table has a weight of roughly 6,000 lbs!  A true "full circle" journey....

Typically the granite sits under a CMM (coordinate measuring machine), but Apollo will use the surfaces to do introductory precision measurement activities, and precision part inspection. This will allow us to build real curriculum  to teach precision measurement using a tool found in most manufacturing settings.   It will also help lay groundwork for part inspection if we build parts for NASA, or parts within a student run manufacturing business.