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Looking for Host Families

July 10, 2018

Consider being a host family to a high school exchange student! High Schoolers from over 30 countries are eagerly waiting who their host families could be. Contact Amy Wellman at 320-345-1112 if interested in hosting any of these students!

Minh from Vietnam lives with his mother, father, older sister and younger brother. He enjoys playing soccer and basketball, watching sports and movies and loves to read. Minh says, “I expect to learn more about the American culture and make many new friends.

Viet from Germany has interests in football, lacrosse, baseball, basketball and track. Viet says, “I hope to make good friends. Personally, I would like it if my future host family’s home would be like a second home to me.”

Leonardo from Brazil lives with his mother and father. He enjoys playing soccer, baseball, basketball, likes to work out in the gym and do robotics. Leonardo says, “In addition to improving my English, I want to get the American accent, learn more about the US culture, the way of life and make new friends.” He will be in the US for the fall semester only.

Kuba from Poland lives with his parents. He likes to play volleyball, ski, spectate sporting events, particulary the NBA and NHL. He loves to dive and attend music festivals. Kuba says he is looking forward to learning about the culture, meeting new people and having new experiences.

Pavel from Poland lives with his parents and two younger brothers. He loves to freestyle scooter, play table tennis, soccer, basketball and swimming. Pavel says, “My goal is to experience new subjects at school like cooking. Also, I hope that I will meet many friends in school and I would love to get to know the US culture. I know the US mainly from movies and TV documentaries. I would be glad to check it out personally.

Kira from Germany lives with her parents and younger brother. She plays basketball and volleyball and enjoys being in student government, photography and Spanish class. Kira says, “I want to improve my understanding of new cultures and become more open-minded. I want to get to know new perspectives to widen my own. In addition, I also want to become more independent and learn to make my own decisions and accomplish the ability to blend in better in new situations and environments as well. I really hope an exchange year will provide those goals.”

Gonzalo from Spain lives with his parents and two younger brothers. He loves to ride horses, play soccer, debate, surf and run. He says, “Besides improving my English a lot, I believe that this experience will make me a more mature and independent person by living in another country, meeting new friends and knowing the culture and its people.

Alessandro from Italy lives with his parents and younger sister. He enjoys soccer, swimming, cooking, basketball and drama. He is looking forward to learning about a new culture, having new friends and knowing different people.

Edoardo from Italy lives with his parents and older brother. He loves to read, box, cook go to the gym and the movies. He says, “I would like to learn how I can live better in the USA.”

Marco from Italy lives with his parents and older brother. He enjoys drama, swimming, cooking, photography and attending the theater. He says, “My goals with this exchange program are to meet new friends and know more about the American Culture. I would also like to become more confident and responsible.”

Leonardo from Mexico lives with his mother and father. He loves to play football, video games, going to the movies and spending time with friends and studying. Leonardo says, “I want to learn about a different culture and expand my vision of the world.”

Claudia from Spain lives with her parents and two younger sisters. She plays volleyball, tennis, basketball and enjoys skiing and horseback riding. She says her biggest goal is making friends so that when she goes back she will be able to contact them. “I would also really like to have a very good relationship with my host family so I can feel like I’m home. I want to get to know all of these different and amazing people during my American year.”

Anna from Germany lives with her parents and older sister. She loves animals. She has a cat and a hamster. She likes to play volleyball, dance, be a cheerleader, play an instrument and take photos. Her favorite subjects are history, German, psychology and physical education. She says, “I am interested in the American school system, sports and other recreational activities. I am also curious about the family life in another country. I would love to have siblings and maybe pets. My goal is to find my way in a different culture, to get to know it and possibly bring my own culture closer to people.”

Javier from Spain lives with his parents and younger brother. He plays soccer, swims, loves to cook and likes to trek. His favorite class in school is physical education. Javier’s plans after high school are to join the military. He loves animals and has a dog. “My main goals are learning from a new culture, making new friends that I hope will last my whole life and meeting new people in general. Since, I am a very social person, that is very important to me,” says Javier.