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Tech Construction Update - 06/13/18

Board Update - 06/13/18

Kyle Walters of ICS Construction gave an update on the busy construction progress this spring on the new Tech High School site. Footings, foundations and underground work are complete.  Walls are being framed and the second level is taking shape.  Utilities are being installed. Athletic equipment, lighting and paving is being installed. Roofing is complete in one section of the project.

Take a look at photos here. Also, view the drone footage of the new Tech High School.

Furniture Progress

Furniture sit-ins with staff and students took place this spring at Tech with selections being demonstrated and tried out at the high school. Final selections and quantities will be finalized in the fall and the furniture order will be placed in winter 2018.

Pilot Classroom

A pilot (model) classroom will be constructed at Tech this fall complete with the same furniture and technology that will be installed at the new high school. This pilot classroom will be open for staff and students to utilize in advance of the opening of the new school.

View the Board Presentation.