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Sertoma Essay Winners

February 22, 2018

This year, nearly 350 essays from fifth-grade students were entered into the Sertoma "Freedom Essay Contest." New this year, students were asked to identify their favorite essay at each location. Schools were encouraged to recognize the student in a way that is meaningful to the school and honors the essay theme – “What freedom means to me.” Students were either recognized by: reading the essay as part of the school announcements, publishing the essay in the school newsletter, linking a video of the student reading the essay, working with the school nutritional staff to design a “freedom lunch” or helping decide the music played in the morning at school.

Essay Winners

  • Westwood - Alaina Porter, 1st Place
  • Talahi - Laurissa Murray, 2nd Place
  • Clearview - Charlie Streit, 3rd Place

“Best in Site” Essays Winners

  • Clearview – Kenna Radke
  • Discovery – Carina Perez
  • Kennedy – Joseph Forbregd
  • Madison – Sofia Kowalkowski
  • Oak Hill – Claire Miller
  • Talahi – Aubrianna Brunelle
  • Westwood – Elena Bui

All participating students received a printed copy of the Declaration of Independence.

Charlie Streit, Clearview, Alaina Porter, Westwood,  Laurissa Murray, Talahi