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Digital Learning Day

February 22, 2018

Students in Amanda Anderson’s class are given the opportunity to explore their learning in a way that gives both choice and voice. While the lesson centered on literacy and plot, how students display their learning was up to them.  Students collectively give ideas of ways to show what they have learned and are allowed the freedom to explore their own path.

Students from North Jr. High’s Tech Squad were recently given the opportunity to connect with students from other districts to explore what is possible now and in their future. Students created short presentations which they gave to other middle school participants and answered audience questions about a variety of topics.  Tech Squad members also learned how to interview technology leaders via digital conferencing to learn how they got their start and what steps they took to get where they are today.

Staff have also continued to explore their own learning and ways they can best integrate innovative practices into their lessons.  Staff had an opportunity to participate in a number of sessions during this winter’s Choices Day 2018.  A popular area was around how technology is positively impacting students’ achievement and engagement.  Staff learned about how access as part of iNSPIRE 1:1 can empower our grade 6-12 students.  Elementary teachers had an opportunity to explore how technology can support reading and math along with computational thinking.

Students have also become creators of content for their schools. A growing number of sites have started weekly news shows that provide updates about school happenings both inside the school and beyond.  Green screens are often used to allow for virtual backgrounds that add to the stories shared by the students.  Students as creators of content, not just consumers, is the direction that an increasing number of our classrooms are beginning to take. 

More information about what is available for students can be found on the District website. Learn more about Digital Learning Day.