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Apollo Junior Breaks All-Time Lead Score for Girls Basketball

January 31, 2018

Lariah Washington is only a junior at Apollo High School and she is smashing the All-Time Lead Score Record for girls' basketball.

It was all baseball for Washington until she picked up the basketball as a seventh-grader at North Junior High School. Shortly thereafter, she joined a travel basketball association.

"My uncle really helped me," says Washington. "He got me into sports. He'd always play with us; my brothers and I love basketball."

When Washington broke the record with a three-point shot, she was overwhelmed.

"It was so exciting!" she says. "I'm proud I was able to do that here."

Head Coach Jill Lipp called a time-out after Washington surpassed the record to congratulate her. Washington took the opportunity to run into the crowd to share her accomplishment with her parents. She gave her mother a basketball and hugged her father.

She hopes to further her basketball aspirations. She's got her eye on Division I basketball. However, that's not all she has her eye on. Washington wants to go into physical therapy or kinesiology focusing in on sports medicine as a future career.  

Looks like Washington is headed in the right direction, keeping her eye on the ball--basketball that is.