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District Spelling Bee

January 31, 2018

The annual District Spelling Bee brought in tough competition this year. Judges this year were school board member Jeff Pollreis, director of KIDSTOP Geri Bechtold, Laura Steabner, talent development and accelerated services coordinator for District 742 and Lori Eckert, teaching and learning coordinator for District 742.

Winners from this year's Spelling Bee:

5th/6th-grade Bee

  • 3rd place- Sophia Moudry
  • 2nd place- Alden Baker
  • 1st place- Alex Walk

7th/8th-grade Bee

  • 3rd place- India Ratha
  • 2nd place- Madeline Prescott
  • 1st place- Tomisin Ajayi

Update February 5, 2018: Tomisin Ajayi advances to the State Spelling Bee to be held in Fergus Falls, Minnesota on Feb. 20.

5th & 6th Grade Winners

7th & 8th Grade Winners