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Tech Time Capsule Ceremony

January 24,2018

In honor of celebrating 100 years of Tech High School, students, staff and community members joined in the time-honored tradition of creating a time capsule. 

Principal Charlie Eisenreich welcomed those in attendance, and the Tech band and choir performed the national anthem. Board member Bruce Mohs commented on the year of celebrating Tech's 100 year anniversary. Assistant superintendent Dr. Marsha Baisch and Mayor Dave Kleis remarked on the importance of the day and honoring St. Cloud and District 742 history.

Students from Tech High School took turns putting items into the capsule. Each item was described to the attendees as they were lowered into the capsule. Tiger Build students sealed the capsule while the Tech band performed Tech's alma mater.

Items in the capsule:

St. Cloud Times Newspapers "Tech at 100 Project"

State of Minnesota Proclamation, Governor Mark Dayton 

Techoes Yearbook (1921)

Techoes Yearbook (2017)

"From Pig Farm to Summertime by George" (An historical coloring book compiled by artists as part of the Lake George Neighborhood Coalition)

Tech High School Registration Handbook (2017-2018)

"The Minds Eye '95" (A compilation of written and visual works by students at Tech High School)

"Remembering the Past," District 742 Informational Calendar (2008-2009)

"A Century of Progress," A History of the St. Cloud, Minnesota Public Schools (1858-1958)

Tech High Students Move Back into The 1890-1911 Era (A collection of research articles by 11th-grade students of Gertrude Gove, Tech High School History Instructor in 1960-61

History of Technical High School, Gertrude Gove (History Instructor)

Technical High School Saint Cloud, Minnesota Description and Course of Study (1919-1920)

Technical High School Distinguished Alumni (April 23, 2007 and April 13, 2017)

Street Level Photograph of Technical High School (1916)

Aerial Photograph of Technical High School, Lake George, Neighborhood, Downtown, Mississippi River (Photo taken after 1916  and before 1938)

Photograph of First Graduating Class (1917)

2017 Tech Centennial Celebration Documents

Technical High School Diploma (2017)

Technical High School 'Major Letter'

Technical High School Centennial Celebration T-shirt

Tech Tiger Mascot

DCI, Inc (Time Capsule photo and specifications)

Agenda for Time Capsule Ceremony (January 24, 2018)

"Tech High School: A Tradition of Excellence" (USB Flash Drive)

Tiger Country: Friday Nights at Clark Field (laminated poster)