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District Students Compete for Youth of the Year

January 24, 2018

As the Youth of the Year competition for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota draws near, three amazing young people prepare to share their story of how the Club has helped shape their character and guided their paths to a better future. District students competeing are Kennethia Riley and Marque Morris.


Kennethia Riley Kennethia Riley started attending the Roosevelt Boys & Girls Club eight years ago. She is one of 11 kids, and her parents taught her and her siblings to be persistent and to follow her dreams, even when through difficult times. Her membership at the Boys & Girls Club has instilled in Kennethia the value of setting and achieving goals. According to her brother, Cortez Riley, “Kennethia epitomizes a leader of tomorrow!” She developed a strong work ethic as a junior volunteer and youth leader at the Club. She believes in the power of helping others, and she gives the gift of time volunteering at Place of Hope and other organizations throughout the community. She received her Certified Nursing Assistant license and works at a care facility in St. Cloud. She is taking PSEO classes at SCSU. Upon graduation from Apollo High School this spring, Kennethia plans to go into the nursing field to ultimately become a Physician’s Assistant.


Marque Morris Marque Morris, Southside Youth of the Year, found the Boys & Girls Club in 2008. He and his family have gone through tumultuous times, but the Club was a place that he could count on for consistency. The staff at the Club showed him how to reach his goals and how to be successful in school and in life. They taught him about respect, responsibility, and confidence. The staff gave him a quiet place to do homework and kept him on track in school. In addition, the Club provided Marque with incredible opportunities through the Youth Arts Initiative that he would not have had elsewhere. Marque’s dream is to perform, and the Club gives him a chance to shine on stage throughout the community. Upon graduation from Tech High School in May, Marque plans to attend post-secondary education for music production and singing.

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