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New Tech High School Update

January 12, 2018

David Leapaldt of IIW Minnesota, Technical High School Principal, Charlie Eisenreich, and Andy Faulkner of ICS Construction Management presented an update on the Tech High School project to the Board of Education on Wednesday, January 10, 2018.

Leapaldt reported that we have successfully secured all permits now for the project. Throughout the process, he reminded us that we have been successful in keeping our focus on building a 21st century facility for 21st century education for all students while keeping all activities on site—and within budget. The presentation illustrated interior and exterior progress on design.

Eisenreich summarized progress that the High School Design team and staff sub-committees have made regarding academic learning spaces, including science and fab labs, CTE big build spaces and associated accroutrements.

Faulkner reported on construction updates, including footings and foundations, the sanitary lift station and site grading. He shared that steel structures are scheduled to begin at the end of January and that the pre-cast wall panels for the gymnasium are scheduled for installation on February 26.