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Apollo Senior Awarded U of M Scholarship

December 8, 2017

Surprise! William Clark, senior at Apollo High School, was shocked to be awarded an academic presidential scholarship from the University of Minnesota in the amount of $40,000.

Clark's parents, teachers, principals and counselor surprised the senior with Goldie the Gopher and University of Minnesota representative, Maria K Jaramillo.

The scholarships are awarded after careful review of a student's application to the university.

"Our scholarship review process is actually very straightforward," says Jaramillo. "Student's don't have to do anything additional to be considered for academic and merit-based aid with their application. The students are reviewed's a holistic review that will consider the student...There is strong emphasis on a student's academic performance, leadership, community involvement and activities. Basically, well-rounded students are great candidates.


William Clark, senior at Apollo High School