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Learning Gives You Wings!

Inspiration can be found in many places; from a colleague, an artist, or from the desire to make a collaborative artwork that shares how a school is a village, all working together for our students.

Denise Buysse, Discovery art teacher, used all of these influences to create the “Learning Gives You Wings” school-wide collaborative artwork. While researching collaborative artworks, Buysse found an art lesson by Cassie Stephens that focused on the work of street artist, Kelsey Montague. Montague creates large murals of wings that are to be interacted with and cause one to reflect upon “What Lifts You?” What causes you to be happy, to succeed, to be you? This was the biggest influence on Discovery’s wings.

So, with the thought that what lifts us at Discovery is education and supporting each other, “Learning Gives You Wings” was born. Each of the over 500 feathers were lovingly made by a person involved in some aspect of Discovery Community School. Students, PK to 5th, teachers, and all staff were invited to make/made feathers to include in the wings. Our United Way liaison even made one!

The “Learning Gives You Wings” mural shows that together we can create something wonderful. It also shows our students that many people are part of the Discovery Village that supports them as they find their wings.

#LearningGivesYouWings #DiscoArt

Learning Gives You Wings